About us

Hello and welcome to Brushes & Tails!

We are specialist brushes and toys company selling online and attending fairs and events in the South East of England.

We love original products and we hope that it will make your job of finding the perfect gift a little bit easier. We have cute soft toys for newborn babies, birthday gift ideas for bigger kids and a full range for sturdy brushes and home wares for the modern homemakers. 

Elsie's Droguerie is now Brushes & Tails! Elsie's Droguerie was a small boutique located in Columbia Road, East London that has now permanently closed.

The business is managed by Elsa W. She's an adopted Londoner originally from France with a love of brushes and clever toys.

 We are busy booking and selecting many exciting fairs and events for 2018. Don't forget to check out our "Events page" to see if we are coming somewhere near you.


For up to date information about new products, and competitions to win tickets to the shows we will be attending check out our facebook page and signup to our mailing list.