Top 5 gifts to look for at the Fair!

Hello all,


I hope you enjoyed our little review of the gifts we can't wait to sell at the Christmas Fairs this year (and they are also all available on the online shop if you can't make it). 

For today here is our Top 5 gifts list

1 - The radiator brush (from £10)

Available in many sizes and 2 colours to fit any homes and any radiators. A perfect gift to yourself or to a friend who will love you forever. 

2 - The opinel kitchen set (£35)

Available in a variety of colours. Since we have started using ours all other knifes pale in comparison. 

3 - A furry hot water bottle (from £19.50)

We have 3 models available from the handy portable muff to the luxury sheepskin one but our favourite is this soft chocolate brown number. A must have now that nights have turned cooler.

4 - A bicycle basket (£35)

This basket is lightweight, clicks onto your handlebar in an instant and comes with plenty of handy pockets (including a zipped one) and a full rain cover for British weather. What else would you want? 

5 - A laptop brush (£9)

This is the ultimate stocking filler will make everybody happy your student son, your crafty husband (also works on the sewing machine), your DIY mad wife (for the corners of the toolbox. We have to hide ours. 


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